Saturday, August 7, 2010

I returned from kids camp yesterday and I gotta say I was quite encouraged to be there..
This years camp felt so much different than the years before and God was definitely doing His work there.
The camp was called "In Trouble" and the topic was the gospel..
at first thought, many people think this topic is too serious for the kids.. they think that they are too young to hear about Gods wrath.
They are not too young... This world bombards them with serious temptations all the time.
They are old enough to hear this.. and they must hear this.

Although I did not get too much time to spend talking to the kids.. I saw that God really was working and they were understanding reality

I pray that God will continue His good work and they will come to submit themselves to the Almighty and Good God.

After a play we did we asked the kids what they learned from it and here is what one boy shared... Thought it was too cute not to share :)

"no matter how cool and fun stuff sounds.. nothing is better than Jesus stuff"

Oh and you can download the song "Lazy Bones" for free on their website

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