Monday, September 27, 2010

grace vs. guilt

Grace is a much stronger motivation than guilt.
I fail so much in my life and I desire to change so many things.
Yet, so many times those changes don't come..
I was just reading over some of my super old chats.. (they can be pretty funny.. you guys should try it) and i read something very encouraging someone said to me once and it applies to me now once more.
It was the reminder that when I am guilt-motivated I will not get far, but when I am motivated by grace and the love of Jesus- that is what can sustain me and change me for real.
Be blessed.


  1. I try to remind myself of that every day, it does help.

  2. haha
    oh yes..
    irinas favorite song ;)

  3. wow thanks, not I got it stuck in my head..

  4. haha..
    well at least its a song you really like ;)