Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Sin Eater

Couple girls came over last night and we watched "The Last Sin Eater"..

I know, sounds like a weird movie.. but its one of those rare movies that are completely gospel centered and you can actually be edified through it... Even if it has some cheesy scenes...

Although I've seen it before, I was amazed once more at the gospel.

In the movie there is a girl, Cadi Forbes, who is troubled with the guilt of her sin and it trying to find forgiveness.

The movie takes place in a little village formed by immigrants from Whales.

The people in the village have invented their own religion by which they attempt to comfort themselves in death. They appointed a "sin eater" who would take upon himself their sins.

But as we all know, our great sin can only be removed in Christ Jesus. The girl sees that this will not forgive her sins and she searches for the real truth....

I don't want to ruin the ending or anything.. but its a very God-centered movie..

I can let you guys borrow the movie if anyone wants to...

Oh and they all have pretty cool welsh accents :)

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