Monday, September 6, 2010


I always thought there was no point of trying to make this world better.
I thought it was so messed up that nothing we could say or do would make a difference.
Although its true in one sense, it will keep getting worse until Christ comes..
But we can make a difference... I know that sounded really cheesy..
As I was driving back from Seattle, I saw one of those big Christian billboards..
I think you guys know what I am talking about..
It said something like "Jesus is saving sinners"
Seeing something Christian out in this world shocked me at first,
but its so encouraging.. and its what made me think about all this.
I think its important for us Christians to stand up for what we believe in
we need to get involved in school, work, etc.
We tend to, well at least I do, just ignore everything that is happening.
I don't even get shocked anymore when I hear outrageous news of some sin being allowed in this world
But the reason laws are being passed and such liberal people
are in position over us is because we did not do anything to prevent it
I know we cannot "Christianize" the nation..
But we can make it more bearable for the church to survive.

The next Christian generation will have to suffer because of out shortcomings
What will people 100 years from now have to say about the church in 2010
Will they have something to look back on in church history?
We "stand on the shoulders of giants" and we must too be the "giants" for the future generations

That was one of the thoughts I walked away from camp with.
I felt very ashamed at my Christianity when I looked at the saints in history.
They did not care to "be cool" or fit in.. Instead they sought to stick out from the rest
Seems like churches today care so much for being relative and attractive and fresh
that they have blended right in with the world

I'm very excited now to head back to college with a desire to not fit in
to show that I belong to a kingdom that is not of this world.
I pray that God would work in us
That He would give us the right mindsets,
that we would see eternal things
that we would look to the future generations of Christians
and that we would keep Christ and His Word as our standard for Christianity and not the Christians around us

Not sure if anyone will actually read this to the end..
If you did.. thanks and God bless!


  1. Amen
    This is the reason why we're alive, to be reflections of God to the unbelieving world

  2. I know!
    I wish I would never forget the reason why I am alive..
    Think of this... since the only reason the world is existing now is for the church to be built and souls to be saved..
    then as soon as the last predestined soul is saved, we are off to heaven!
    That should spur us on to evangelism all the more