Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 2.

I know Day 1 was technically posted today.... But I posted it before going to bed so I consider it as yesterday.
I must confess, I did not make this in less than half an hour.
But it was for a poster scholarship competition..
Keeping my fingers crossed!



  1. Looks cool, but I think it would sound better if you just said "Life is better with Art."
    Or did you have to use that specific phrase as part of the scholarship requirements.

  2. yeah that phrase was a requirement, which is too bad because its a pretty cheesy phrase

  3. oh hooray! when do you find out if you get it? I have found that colleges always have really cheesy phrases for their competitions.

  4. I guess they want to see how well you do with such a cheesy phrase..
    You know, I'm not really sure when I find out but I'll keep ya'll posted :)

  5. wow olga this looks pretty impressive. good job

  6. i love it!!
    you should put a bird on it :P it will be more portland-y that way

  7. I can't believe you just said that marianna. I laughed really loud.