Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old School

As promised, here's the photos I grabbed from my grandparent's house
Here's their wedding photographs:
Vasiliy & Raisa
vasily & raisa wedding

These are my great grandparents-
great grandparents
I wish I could meet them!

Their youth-

My grandma at her work (she's the third one on the top row)-
grandma raisa's work

Family dinner (great grandparents sitting in the back)-
great grandparents family

This one is great :) I don't remember, this one might be my dad-

and Paul definately looks like my dad-


  1. haha that youth picture is awesome.
    and whoa.. your dad looks identical to paul in that last picture, but a bit more stylish haha

  2. oh I love what they're wearing :)
    your grandma is a beauty!

  3. your parents look like a couple of serious lovebirds.