Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Brought out my sketch pad finally once again
I miss doodling
and I really need a scanner
(my half birthday is coming up.. hint hint)
Grace Love Joy Peace Comfort

If we think about it,
these words should all be foreign to us.
For 13 years I rebelled against the Almighty.

He created me to worship Him
yet I turned away and worshiped self
and created things rather than the Creator.

Being Absolute Holiness, He cannot stand one ounce of sin.
Yet, here I am in sweet fellowship with Him.

I cannot believe how crazy it is that this is true
He made a way to reconcile to to Himself!
He softened my heart of stone!
He made my blind eyes see!

I have no idea.
I know it is not for reasons within me.

I should have been justly punished.
Yet, I now experience blessings
because Jesus Christ became a curse on my behalf.

Dear Christian,
I hope this thought always brings you to tears
and to more godly living.

May we live at the foot of the cross
And may His precious blood,
the blood of the unblemished Lamb
cause us to deny all forms of ungodliness
and live for Him
Live Him

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 41

Finnallly another post
Sorry guys, I promise I'll try to do this more often.
I've been working on a little gig for a clothing line so thats been pretty exciting
I'll put up some of those designs once they're done.
I've also finally decided that I'm going to go to psu next fall instead of Ai
What a good choice! Thanks Artem for letting me know about their design program
seriously, life-saver
I also got featured on Blossoming Branches!
Haha, had to mention that Alla ;)

Have a lovely weekend!

Day 41

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 40

finally, another post :)
words from Kye Kye
cant stop listening to them
Day 40

I also got a tumblr recently so feel free to follow if you wish
I felt that I was posting to facebook a little too much but on there I can go all out :)

I told some of you about that tree I found outside that I wanted to use for my room decor..
Well, it was a little too big so we tore the branches off and put them in a vase 
It looks pretty cool  but I'm a little worried..
Have any of you done this before? I'm scared of the moss and other stuff growing on there
Could it be bad for us? It doesn't seem to have too many bugs or anything on it so it should be alright
but I did hear a horror story of how one woman collected a vase of acorns
and after a couple days she found it full of maggots

Have you guys seen max's Israel and engagement story yet? Check it out :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 39

I've been kind of purposefully slacking on my msced..
A lot of things on my mind
But I will keep posting, though it might not be every day
I still gotta finish my alphabet :)

Day 39