Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 41

Finnallly another post
Sorry guys, I promise I'll try to do this more often.
I've been working on a little gig for a clothing line so thats been pretty exciting
I'll put up some of those designs once they're done.
I've also finally decided that I'm going to go to psu next fall instead of Ai
What a good choice! Thanks Artem for letting me know about their design program
seriously, life-saver
I also got featured on Blossoming Branches!
Haha, had to mention that Alla ;)

Have a lovely weekend!

Day 41


  1. hahaha
    yes be proud of being featured on my blog
    p.s. check out the updated version of the post..someone complained about feeling left out so..i uh had to accommodate hahah

  2. Being featured on that one blog is not that cool, that blog is actually kinda lame.

  3. WOW, Artem. I will totally unfeature you now. That was the epitome of ungratefulness right there.

  4. Niiice, I like this one a lot better

  5. haha yeah for real
    the other one was quite dreadful

  6. what happened? I liked the other one better..

  7. seriously? lol
    i hated it.. soo i fixed it :)