Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grace Love Joy Peace Comfort

If we think about it,
these words should all be foreign to us.
For 13 years I rebelled against the Almighty.

He created me to worship Him
yet I turned away and worshiped self
and created things rather than the Creator.

Being Absolute Holiness, He cannot stand one ounce of sin.
Yet, here I am in sweet fellowship with Him.

I cannot believe how crazy it is that this is true
He made a way to reconcile to to Himself!
He softened my heart of stone!
He made my blind eyes see!

I have no idea.
I know it is not for reasons within me.

I should have been justly punished.
Yet, I now experience blessings
because Jesus Christ became a curse on my behalf.

Dear Christian,
I hope this thought always brings you to tears
and to more godly living.

May we live at the foot of the cross
And may His precious blood,
the blood of the unblemished Lamb
cause us to deny all forms of ungodliness
and live for Him
Live Him


  1. This is great Olga. It's very important (as well as humbling) to remember that God created us to worship Him.